The Nataraja Foundation has been primarily set up to promote and launch India’s Largest Education Project “ The Vivekanand Secondary Education Megaproject ". We are currently working on Five small pilot projects that are required to launch the megaproject within the Govt. of India.

India has a shortage of nearly 4,00,000 Secondary Schools and over the last 2 decades over 100 million children across 29 States and 7 Union Territories have been forced to drop out of school after class four as there have just not been enough secondary schools to go to.

Secondly, neglect of teachers, in our view, has been the cause of most of India's problems. The Vivekananda Secondary Education Megaproject, therefore seeks to bring the best minds back to careers in teaching with the objective of propelling India, once again to global leadership.

Since it is not practical to build 4,00,000 secondary schools, The Nataraja Foundation and the Design Lab, Mumbai have collaborated to conceptualise an optimized system based on Innovative Financing and large scale use of Information & Communication Technologies ( ICT ) to reach an additional 126 million of children, at the Secondary school level, across India.

We are actively looking for partners to help us with the Five pilot projects that are needed to launch the Education Megaproject within the Govt. of India.


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According to a Stanford University study rupees ONE Crore spent on teachers = Rs 2550 Crores in GDP growth over the next 40 years of working lives of students.