Nataraja Foundation & Related Organizations

The Nataraja Foundation is part of a group of institutions focused on bringing innovative ideas to life. Our partners in innovation include the Design Lab and Busybric Infrastructure. Together we are active the areas of Education, Healthcare, Urban Development and Infrastructure creation.

The foundation is led by Ashish Puntambekar, who in the role of a trustee directs the day to day operations of the organization. Ashish has over 20 years of experience working with some of the finest talent globally in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors and specifically in the area of large Infrastructure project design where he is a specialist.

Within the alliance, The Nataraja Foundation is active in Education ( The Vivekanand Education Megaproject ). We are also working for womens empowerment and in creating opportunities for the girl child.

The Design Lab and Busybric Infrastructure are both startup entities in the innovation space. While the Design Lab is a “ Design Thinking “ organization with a broad mandate to take design concepts to various industries, Busybric Infrastructure is intended to be the execution arm of the alliance in the physical infrastructure space.

Over the years, the alliance has designed several multi billion dollar projects which are under active consideration by the Indian Government :

  • 1. The Defence Economic Zone Project
    2. The Vivekanand Secondary Education Megaproject
    3. The Indian Crude Oil Strategic Reserve Megaproject
    4. The Mumbai Megaproject
    5. The Indian Healthcare Megaproject ( Under development )
    6. The Ganges River Basin ReJuvenation Megaproject ( Under development )

    Besides the above, the alliance has specialist skills in the area of Financial Innovation. We have the necessary capability to bring large projects to life through innovative financial engineering. The Vivekanand Education Megaproject for instance has the potential to bring high quality education to 126 Million children across 29 states and 7 Union Territories, totally free of cost. The Financing for this landmark project, The Mumbai Megaproject and the Ganges River Basin Rejuvenation Megaproject, will be without recourse to Central or State Government budgets and it is here ( financing ) where we have brought in considerable innovation.

    Our alliance is committed to social causes and each of our projects has a large social or environmental angle or both.