The Nataraja Foundations Programs are designed to help launch the Vivekananda Education Megaproject.

A unifying factor in all our programs is the extensive use of Information & Communication Technologies ( ICT ) at the Secondary School level, so as to reach the maximum number of learners using a hub and spoke model.

The current focus within the Vivekanand Secondary Education Megaproject and indeed the Nataraja Foundation is on five small and very well defined pilot projects that will help launch the Megaproject within the Govt. of India.

Description of Five Pilot Projects

Financial Efficiency Improvement Project

The first Pilot project is aimed at Improving the financial efficiency within the current school system consisting of 8,00,000 primary and secondary schools across India.

The project will speed up the flow central funds to schools across 29 states and 7 union territories. The benefit of this Rs 4 Crores project will accrue to 192 million children and 4.7 million teachers working within the existing school system.

Testing the Hub & Spoke “ Teacher Sharing “ Model using ICT Tools

We are taking up 5 rural schools to test Hub and Spoke “ Teacher Sharing “ model while deploying ICT assisted education in rural schools. The concepts will be tested in semi – rural and rural schools near Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra State.

This third pilot project will make extensive use of information and communication technologies ( ICT ) in secondary schools. We will be deploying Rs 3 lakhs over the next few months to test our ideas.

Advocacy Project … Promoting the Vivekanand Education Megaproject within the Central Govt.

We are looking to get the assistance of a few very senior individuals who will voluntarily spare some of their time to meet senior officials within the Govt. of India, the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet.

The purpose of this Advocacy project to to launch the Vivekanand Education Megaproject as a “ Central Assistance – to the State Governments “ Project within the Govt. of India.

Setting Up The First Pilot School Project as a Hub School in a Rural Area

The Nataraja Foundation is working to set up the first Pilot School project, under the Vivekanand Education Megaproject umbrella at a Rural Location and we are actively looking for CSR partners and financiers for this project.

The Rural pilot will be a 75 – 100 acre, fully residential school using low cost construction technologies. The project, which will be located in a rural area will make extensive use of ICT technologies to reach dozens of Primary and Secondary schools in its area.

The concept of “ Teacher Centricity “ , will be implemented within this pilot project as the pilot will seek to provide world class facilities for teachers to encourage the best minds in the country to take up teaching as a profession.

Web Portal to reduce costs of Schools

This will be a web portal focused on cost reduction in the area of School Construction in India.